Advanced Technology

Exciting advances have been made in eye technology. Eastside Eye Physicians utilizes many advanced technologies that are available, including state-of-the-art cataract lens implants that provide patients the best possible unaided vision after cataract surgery.

We have been employing the new Laser Assisted Femtosecond cataract procedure with the Optimedica /AMO Catalys® Laser System since September of 2013.  It allows precise control of all incisions into the eye and accurate correction of residual corneal astigmatism.  This helps provide even better visual outcomes for our patients.  The laser can also soften the cataract, which in some cases can be very dense.  This makes removing it with traditional phacoemulsification much easier and requires less energy.

We also utilize high definition diagnostic equipment such as the Zeiss Cirrus HD OCT imaging device that allows our doctors to diagnose glaucoma and retinal disease at a much earlier stage than ever before.


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