Diagnostic Equipment

We utilize the new Cirrus High Definition™ OCT for imaging the retina, optic nerve and cornea.  This allows us to diagnose retinal disease, such as wet age-related degeneration or diabetic edema at an earlier stage and with better detail than ever before.  Thinning of the nerve fiber layer and optic nerve can be detected and followed over time in our glaucoma patients.

OCT stands for Optical Coherence Tomography and is a 3-dimensional scanning laser image of the eye structures.  The test is often done as part of a complete medical eye examination and takes less than 1 minute to perform.

Our doctors also utilize the Zeiss Visucam® camera for taking high definition photos of the retina and for performing fluorescein angiography. Angiography helps to visualize the blood flow patterns in the back of the eye to improve diagnostic capabilities.

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