What are some new advances in cataract surgery? 

Recent advances in cataract surgery have come from the design of new lens implants that are injected into the eye in order to decrease dependence on glasses post operatively.  Advanced technology multi-focal lenses, such as the ReSTOR® or the TECNIS®, allow a patient to see far and near without glasses.  Standard implants typically require the continued use of reading glasses. Individuals with astigmatism (distortion of the cornea) can have this eliminated with a Toric implant.  This allows for clearer, less distorted vision after surgery.

I heard there is a new laser procedure to help in cataract removal – what is this?

Yes – you may be a candidate for Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery. This is a very reproducible, painless technique to replace some of the least predictable and technically demanding steps of the procedure.  It also allows the surgeon to soften your cataract before it is removed with the traditional ultra sound techniques.  In addition, this laser is used to precisely correct residual corneal astigmatism, thereby improving your vision after surgery.

Will I need glasses after my cataract surgery?

If you choose a multifocal implant, there is an extremely good chance you will not need glasses for most activities. If you are corrected with a monofocal lens you will need glasses for certain situations, especially for reading up close.

Can the cataract ever come back?

No, the original cataract cannot come back, but sometimes the thin membrane that holds the lens implant in the eye can become cloudy and hazy. This is sometimes called a secondary cataract or secondary membrane.  This opacity is easily and safely removed with a quick non-invasive laser procedure called a YAG laser capsulotomy.

What is the recovery period?

Vision is often improved within hours of the procedure, and most people resume their normal daily activities, including work, within 1-2 days.  Activities that could result in bumping or injuring the eye or exposing it to an unclean environment should be avoided for the first week or two.  Your doctor will advise you on any other restrictions.

Where is the surgery done?

Lakeshore Eye Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art cataract surgery center in St. Clair Shores, located on Greater Mack Avenue north of 8 Mile Road.  Most of our surgery is performed here, and all of the doctors have privileges at both St. John Ambulatory Surgical Centers in St. Clair Shores and Macomb Township, MI.


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