Am I a candidate for LASIK/PRK?

If you’re 19 years old or older, have a stable refractive error (meaning little or no change in the power of your glasses or contact lenses in the last year), and you are dependent on glasses or contacts for most of your daily activities, then you are most likely a candidate.  You must have healthy eyes with no disease and be free from certain medical conditions, which your doctor can discuss with you.

LASIK is approved for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.  Each individual’s situation is unique, and the final decision will be made by you, together with your eye doctor, only after a detailed ophthalmological evaluation is performed.  This evaluation will involve refraction dilation of the pupils, topography, pupil measurements and corneal thickness measurements.

Is it painful?

Most of our patients report no pain during or after the surgery.  During LASIK, a small amount of pressure may be felt for about 10 seconds during the procedure.  A scratchy eye for the first 4 to 8 hours after may be your only complaint. 

After PRK surgery, there can be slightly more discomfort, but an oral pain medication and a special contact lens, along with eye drops, can be placed on the eye for pain relief.

What can I expect after surgery?

Your unaided vision will be better immediately, and we expect a significant improvement in vision within 24 hours, with continued gradual improvement over the next few weeks.  Many of our patients will work the next day, but please be advised that individual healing can vary, and depending on your work activities, your vision could take a few days to reach a level that is acceptable to perform those activities.  You will need to be seen in our office the day after surgery, so you may want to schedule a half-day off from work.

After PRK, the vision recovery is slower and clear vision may take 3-5 days.  Once healing is complete, vision should be equal to that of a LASIK patient.

Remember — it’s important for each patient to have reasonable expectations regarding their uncorrected vision afterwards.  In general, 98% of patients will achieve 20/40 vision or better after LASIK and 95% of patients will see 20/25 or better after Custom Vue™.  Patients with very high degrees of myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, or individuals in the “bifocal” age range (over 40), must discuss their visual expectations with us at the time of consultation.

Where is the surgery performed?

Dr. Clune and Dr. Krasnick utilize the Laser Institute of Michigan, a brand new state-of-the-art surgical and laser center in Fraser, Michigan or the Lakeshore Surgical Center/Metropolitan Eye in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.

How do I take care of my eyes after LASIK?

At our laser facility, you will be given clear plastic shields to protect your eyes until the next day visit.  They can be removed to insert antibiotics and lubricants as directed.  It’s a good idea to close your eyes and rest on the way home, and then relax the rest of the day.  A good long sleep the first night is helpful to the healing process.  You may be given a prescription for something to help you sleep.  We will expect to see you the day after surgery, then typically 1 week later, 1 month, 3 months and 6 months later.  No eyelid makeup, swimming, sauna or hot tubs are allowed for 2 weeks following the procedure.  Protective eyewear must be worn for contact or racquet sports.

After PRK advanced surface ablation, a similar protocol is followed except more office visits may be required in the first week after surgery.

Can I have surgery on both eyes the same day?

Most of our patients choose to have surgery done on both eyes the same day, but this should be an individual decision between you and your doctor.

Will I need any glasses afterward?

At Eastside Eye Physicians, the vast majority of our patients do not require glasses for their distance vision after LASIK.  Please remember that our goal is to decrease your dependence on glasses and contacts.  Less than 5% of our patients require an enhancement procedure if they are over or under corrected.

If you are over 40 and we are not performing a “monovision” technique, then it is likely you will need magnifying glasses for near work.  In the “monovision” technique, the non-dominant eye is purposefully under-corrected a small amount to allow you to read with that eye (purposefully over-corrected in the case of a farsighted individual).

How much will the procedure cost?

Our very competitive fee includes surgery on both eyes, enhancements and follow up for up to 1 year.  Most insurance carriers do not cover LASIK at this time, but if you’re not sure, please ask our LASIK Coordinator.  Payment is required either before or on the day of surgery.

More questions or want to schedule an appointment?  Call our LASIK Coordinator at 586.774.4050 for more information or to schedule a refractive evaluation at our St. Clair Shores office.  You can also email us at kblair@eastsideeye.com.

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