LASIK and PRK Technology

Standard LASIK and PRK surgery only takes into consideration low-order, simple vision deficiencies.   These include myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.  The Custom Vue ™ procedure by AMO-VISX or the ZYOPTIX Advance Control Eye Tracking Technology are laser ablations that consider all aberrations of the eye.  Myopia, hyperopia, and astigmastism are corrected as well as higher order (more complex) vision deficiencies.  These other deficiencies include spherical aberration, coma, and trefoil and are determined by Wavefront Analysis™.

Wavefront Analysis™ is a computerized vision test performed directly before surgery, with the data input directly into the laser.

Not everyone is a candidate for the Custom Vue™ technique, but if you are, FDA studies have shown this technique may improve your chance of having 20/20 vision or better and decrease or eliminate the possibility of glare symptoms at night.

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