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Glaucoma Treatment From Your Ophthalmologist in St. Clair, Shores MI

It’s no secret that eye care professionals associate glaucoma with increasing age. However, when an afflicted patient goes without treatment, this eye disease is capable of secretly stealing the individual’s sight. It is one of the top causes of blindness in the U.S. Fortunately, the doctors in our Eastside Eye Physicians ophthalmology practice in St. Clair Shores are experts at diagnosing and treating this condition.

What is Glaucoma?

Most cases of glaucoma develop as the result of elevated pressure within the eyes. When fluid accumulates more rapidly than it can drain, pressure could damage the optic nerve. This eventually causes vision loss.

A majority of patients who visit our ophthalmology practice have open-angle glaucoma, characterized by impaired but still-functioning fluid drainage. In patients with the angle-closure type, the drainage system has ceased to work.

Our ophthalmologist cites these important risk factors:

  • A family history of Glaucoma
  • Age older than 50
  • An ethnic background that is Hispanic or African-American
  • Undergoing prior eye trauma
  • Being diabetic

Glaucoma is a progressive disease. Unfortunately, sometimes symptoms are obvious to a patient only when it has reached an advanced stage. Often the initial sign is reduced peripheral vision.

Acute Glaucoma is less common, but can present with redness, eye pain, and halos. The key to preserving the most vision possible is early diagnosis and treatment from the experts at our ophthalmology practice.

Treatment from Our Ophthalmology Practice

Our ophthalmology practice diagnoses glaucoma during a comprehensive eye exam. A number of tests such as tonometry measure pressure within a patient’s eyes and alert our physicians when it is above normal. Gonioscopy is helpful in assessing an eye’s fluid drainage capability. Tests of visual acuity identify loss in the peripheral visual field. OCT imaging assesses the health of the optic nerve.

Once our doctor has made a positive diagnosis, we can offer a number of advanced treatment options:

  • Topical or oral drugs to help control ocular pressure
  • Laser surgery to help the eyes drain better
  • Laser iridotomy to create a hole in the outer edge of the iris for angle-closure patients
  • Microinvasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS). This is a quick procedure that is added at the time of cataract surgery to help lower the pressure.
  • Injectable and long lasting drugs and devices.

Schedule an Exam with our St. Clair Shores or Shelby Township Ophthalmologist
​​​​​​​Don’t risk being caught unaware if you have glaucoma. We provide expert services on both a scheduled and an urgent basis. Our Eastside Eye Physicians practice treats all patients with individualized care and utilizes the latest ophthalmic techniques and technology to help each patient see as well as possible. To help protect your vision, call us today at 586-774-2020 to schedule an appointment at our St. Clair Shores office or at 586-247-2020 for our Shelby Township location.

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